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The Top 10 Mistakes that Small Business Owners Make

  1. Failing to consider the amount of capital that it will take, not just to open the doors, but to survive
  2. Not having a personal estate plan in place to protect the owner’s family
  3. Failing to form a separate business entity in order to insulate their family from potential business liabilities
  4. Improper or inadequate insurance
  5. Improper human resources management plan, including hiring family and friends
  6. Utilizing business vehicles for personal use, or worse-loaning out business vehicles to friends and family members
  7. Procrastinating on getting professionals involved in the business:  a good attorney, CPA, and financial planner should all be members of your team from day one
  8. Lack of a disaster management plan.  Disaster comes in many forms:  weather, physical injury, or death
  9. Entering into contracts without reviewing them properly
  10. Using the ideas of others, either through the creation of a product, an image, or online and in social media


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